Candy Floral Stems Tutorial.

Candy Floral Stems Tutorial:

In this tutorial, you will learn to make your own realistic-looking candy floral stems. Approximately 5mins is all that it’ll take to make. They are the perfect way to elevate and differentiate your floral cupcakes to others! [As a bonus, you’ll also receive our Crunchy Noodle Floral Stems Tutorial. It takes less than 2 mins to make.]

❌ Say goodbye to over the stovetop, melting sugar with water & glucose.
❌ Say goodbye to distasteful pasta stems on your cupcakes & cakes. These look great but takes a while to make and don’t taste nice when consumed.
✅ Apply this technique as it will not only save you tones of time but your creations will also taste delicious and look like a masterpiece!
Note: This tutorial does not include any piping buttercream florals. Only the demonstration of making the actual candy stems.